Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My president

I need to write more. I say that every time I post again after a long delay, but it is true.

Back in 2004, I voted for the first time. I was just at the age and I registered in Massachusetts. But I consider last night my first election.

When I voted during the Kerry/Bush election, the atmosphere surrounding the entire ordeal was very different. Looking back it was about getting someone out of office rather than getting the right person in office. My fellow colleagues at MCLA were seemingly of the same mind, in that it wasn't about "vote Kerry", but rather "don't vote Bush".

This year's election became very exciting for me in hindsight, which might sound a little odd. Yes, there were many historical things in the works, but my main concern was figuring out who I wanted to run this country. With arguments from both people coming every which way, it pretty much took me until November 4th to decide who I would vote for. I tried concentrating on the issues and working out what would truly be better, but every argument presented in the media was countered by something else, leaving me to ask what the truth really was.

Ultimately, I did vote Obama this year. One reason was the economic situation and from what I understood his plan would help people like me, and basically everyone else I knew, more than McCain's plan. But Obama also got an endorsement from someone I trusted greatly and that also meant a lot.

Election day came, Obama was announced the winner, and something happened with me. This message of hope that he had been endorsing throughout his campaign was in itself coming to fruition. It wasn't about "choose me and I will bring hope" anymore. Now we actually did choose him. Can I assume that we now have hope? Perhaps. There was a sort of feeling that everything was slowly falling into place. McCain's concession speech was wonderful in that he wanted to help Obama and encouraged everyone to come together. With every boo that he attempted to silence, I acknowledged that much more respect in an already respectable man, despite what one might think of his politics. I saw a special kind of energy in the crowd when Obama gave his acceptance speech. And while there are still some feeling like a mistake has been made, this particular kind of jubilation has proven to be much stronger.

For the first time, I feel like the person about to run my country is "my President". He isn't someone I just thought would be better. He is someone who has truly become an inspiring figure. I've always loved my home, but now I have hope that it will be better for myself, my children, and my grandchildren.