Thursday, August 6, 2009

Will someone flush Facebook already?

I never have the time to read anymore, which is why I really like public bathrooms. Once in a while you get into a stall, you take your seat, and the next thing you know you are practically in a Borders.

Most times its a lot of gibberish. It's mainly just vandalism that is supposed to be "an artist expressing himself" (ooh-la-f'n-la). But a lot of times its some really interesting conversations. Yes, conversations!

"But how can there be a conversation on a wall?"
"Haven't you ever heard of AIM?"

It's like a dirty version of playing chess by mail. One person writes, another responds, they respond back, lives are threatened, things are sucked, numbers are given out (for those wanting a good time), and the world keeps turning.

When you think about it, Facebook could potentially turn into a bathroom stall. Everyone has "walls" that people write on, and there is very little stopping people from writing whatever they want. Sure, you could find it and delete it if its on your wall, but between the time its written and the time you get rid of it, one of your friends is going to have to "go do poopie" and see it.

There is an idea for an application: WallPoop. Sure, we have Super Poke, but having an app called WallPoop brings so many possibilities. You get a notification when you sign in and its like:

"Bob just pooped on your wall! Click here to poop on his!"

Super Poke could still work just as well though, plus its a little more open ended.

"Jane boinked you in the tush at 7:35pm. Click here to boinked in the tush back!"

The more I think of it the more I think Facebook is a pervert.

Back to the real bathroom stalls. I wonder what a janitor does when they see that first bit of vandalism after they got rid of all the old stuff. My guess is take a dunk in the toilet. After all, if they are doing their job efficiently, then it should be sanitary.

So here is your Old Cranston Saying: Eat more bran to become more social...and become a fan of WallPoop.

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