Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm sort of a blog polygamist

While I realize I don't seem to do general blogs a lot, I do contribute to some other ones. Specifically, I contribute to the blog for The Speed of Thought Players, an improv troupe I perform with. This past Friday's show was a particularly special one called "Blogs, Brews, and Belly Laughs", where a local Internet blogger named Drew, who runs a blog at, joined in the festivities, setting up a meet-and-greet for other bloggers to get together and network. Later, he even helped set-up a live webcast of the show. Be sure to check his stuff out at his website.

I decided to join in with the bloggers and even did some blogging myself during the show. I put up a few entries which you can check out at the SOTP Blog.

I'll let you all know when other stuff goes up if you are interested in reading them.

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  1. Ryan, Thanks for the mention on your blog. I see that you are doing some blogging here a bit more. That is great. It was really great meeting you and talking about all the blogs that you contribute to. I think that it is great that you are writing about the places where you contribute.