Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hurry up and wait

I am very tired right now. I have been at school since 10:30 for a class, which got out at 12:30, and now I have been waiting until 4:00 for my last class, which will go to 6:50. I really don't want to be here in all honesty. Something about the waiting has made me even more tired. I wish I had gone home earlier and rested there. After class I have to go to rehearsal which will last a while, but at least I will be active and moving. Then I can collapse at home.

I have a meeting with Naum tomorrow. He is one of my professors here at RIC. I am hoping we will have a good talk because I think we need one.

Last night was a workshop for SOTP, but rather than practice a show we had a meeting concerning many things, primarily the opening of our new space in North Attleboro. I realize that right now the group needs time from the players to get through the nitty gritty. But I made it clear last night that I would like more responsibility. I want us to be more professional and reach the goals that we set out for more efficiently. I am certain this group can do well.

I do have one extra responsibility that I have to undertake for the time being, which is figuring out when we can hold an audition for the group. This is a very different way of doing things for us. I made my way into the group by going to the workshops, working, working, and working for roughly three years (on and off because of school), and then eventually being asked to join the a-list. It had seemed that this was the favorable way for everyone. It is more than just talent that binds this group together. It is a sense of family and respect, and no successful audition can bring that. Perhaps this is something I should bring up. I realize we need more people in the group to even out the work load, but I am fearful we might bite off more than we can chew.

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