Thursday, March 20, 2008


Like a soccer player using my groin as ball, it hit me today that I have a ton of work coming up. I have a paper for Dramatic Literature due next wednesday, which shouldn't be too bad but it will require some time. I know I can get it done as long as I focus, which might be the hardest part of the task. For my performance class I need to do some dramaturgy work as well as come up with my proposal for my final project. I really have no idea what I want to do, but the dramaturgy aspect of theatre is something I have been getting more and more interested in. In fact the dramaturgy I need to do for class was only assigned to me and one other person. Maybe I can find a little bit of time tomorrow to do things and hopefully some time on Sunday. But Saturday is out and Sunday is Easter. Another option is that if I don't go to my job on Monday by either not signing up for hours or seeing if I can get out of them. But money is definitely needed right now.

It will all come together. If I can't find the time, then I will make the time. Perhaps some early mornings are in order.

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