Saturday, March 29, 2008

R&R&R (Rest, Relaxation, and Rice)

This past week was pretty draining. I felt very busy the entire time and I am glad the weekend has slowed things down for the most part. I still have rehearsals for the show (which opens this friday, folks) but they aren't too bad. I am also moments away from heading out to Boston to do an improv show with Speed of Thought Players. We are supposed to have quite a crowd tonight judging by the reservation list. Lets hope we get that and more.

I also hung out with my cousins yesterday. While I could have put in hours at work I needed the rest. Yes, money can be tough for many of us but no amount can afford personal rest and time with friends and loved ones. In the end we all have bills to pay, but if we just do our best we manage to pay them. And doing our best with the people we care about means they will be there when things get rough.

I found a very interesting web site called and I recommend others go to it. It is a non-profit site that works with advertisers to raise money for the hungry and it does it by improving ones vocabulary. Every vocab question has an advertiser, who then donates money for food. The more questions you get right, the more advertisers, the more food donated. I figure if one is going to just going to aimlessly surf the web, they might as well do some good as well. Not to mention you might sound smarter afterwards.

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